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Grapes varieties and Terroir of Cognac_c

« Terroir » and grapes varieties of Cognac



The goal of this book is to show up a simple and practical synthesis about the main aspects of 2 of the differents components responsable of the typical quality of the cognac compared with other eau-de-vie from wine. Translation of old document written in old French was sometimes difficult, but we have tried to be as faithful as possible.
This book written voluntarily in a small quantity of page, summarize and explain for every public the most importants notions about "terroir" and grapes varieties necessary for the production of the famous eau de vie from Charentes.

Date de parution : 05/20

Nombre de pages : 184

Format : 14,8 x 21 cm


EAN : 9782491306090

Extrait :
Grapes varieties and Terroir of Cognac e
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